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A fully-featured content and customer relationship management system for art galleries, including automatic image optimization.

Gallerysmith is a content and customer relationship management system for art galleries. The secure, web-based interface allows galleries to administer all the content and customer interactions on their website with the minimum of technical knowledge.

Highlights include:

  • Full edit control over news, press, exhibitions, works and artist pages via a simple Microsoft Word-style rich text editor. No technical skills or specialist software required.
  • Automatic optimisation and resizing of images. Saves time and expense on image editing software and training.
  • Bespoke website front-end design
  • Track user registrations and enquiries. User "private view" functionality allows galleries to promote specific works to specific customers.
  • Newsletter authoring, emailing and automatic PDF generation for printed newsletters
  • Full website usage statistics in real time
  • High quality printed output via separate print stylesheets
  • Content scheduling with free choice of content publish and expiry dates
  • Granular administrator privileges for total security and editorial signoff workflows
  • Automatic currency conversion for published prices
Bespoke gallery website
Image management
Customer interaction management

“The new website will save me at least two hours a day.”

Content authoring
Site usage statistics
Quality printed output
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